STAC 2019 at a Glance

STAC will host its 4th annual conference on April 24-25, 2019 at the Hotel Bonaventure in Montreal, QC.

From its location in la Belle Province, the STAC 2019 Conference & Exhibition will feature two full days of discussion and presentations by industry leading thinkers on the most important issues in the Canadian tower industry, with a particular focus this year on looking forward to the world of 5G.

The annual STAC conference is the premier event dedicated to Canadian tower safety, and is devoted to sharing the important information and best practices that will help maintain Canada’s world-leading tower safety record. STAC 2019 will bring together more than 400 communications and tower industry professionals, including wireless carriers, broadcasters, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, land owners, safety equipment suppliers and safety trainers, among others. Attendees will learn about new industry practices and technologies, and will receive exclusive information about the development of STAC best practices and other industry resources that are normally only available to STAC Members.

Benefits for STAC 2019 delegates:

  • Learn about new developments and industry-leading practices in fall protection, tower engineering and other industry topics;
  • Hear industry leaders’ perspectives on 5G, including the challenges that await and how the new generation of communications technology will change the tower industry;
  • Network with more than 400 industry personnel – including potential clients, contractors or suppliers – throughout the conference and at the renowned annual STAC conference reception;
  • Gain access to STAC resources such as best practice documents and industry safety guidelines;
  • Join the STAC conference outing to local Montreal-area establishments;
  • Demonstrate your commitment to ensuring the continued safety of tower industry personnel;
  • Enter the STAC 2019 raffle for a chance to win a new phone or other amazing prizes.

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