STAC Members have the opportunity to help shape the future direction of Canada’s communications antenna construction industry, particularly with respect to the safety of workers in this sector. STAC Members receive access to all STAC content, including guidelines and best practices materials, and safety code and regulatory resources.

STAC also provides opportunities for business development and establishing key contacts, and membership includes discounted rates for conferences and seminars, access to networking events, and preferential consideration for speaking and sponsorship opportunities at events.

The level of involvement in STAC is up to the member organization. You can choose to access existing STAC educational and training material, or nominate employees to participate in the STAC Committees that identity needs in the communications antenna construction industry and collaboratively develop solutions.


Companies and organizations involved in the communications or tower industries can demonstrate their commitment to the safety of communications tower workers by becoming STAC Members. Once a company becomes a STAC Member, all of its employees are entitled to take advantage of STAC resources and to actively engage in STAC committees and initiatives.

STAC collects annual membership fees to support the council and its activities. Membership fees are determined based on the number of communications or tower industry workers a company employs.

STAC is administered by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA).

For more information about joining STAC, contact:

Nick Kyonka, STAC Program Director
[email protected]
(613)233-4888 x227

STAC Members

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