An unknown number of Canadian communications towers currently utilize fall protection systems that no longer have CSA-compliant compatible fall arrestors and vertical rigid rails, resulting in a potentially hazardous situation for tower climbers. As a result, workers are required to utilize the double-hook climbing method to access those towers, leading to reduced efficiency and increased exposure to a potential fall hazard created by human error.

Canadian tower owners are seeking to identify each occurrence of such non-compliant fall protection systems located on towers within their inventories. Tower contractors are being asked to help identify sites at which non-compliant fall protection systems are installed, and to report any such sites to the appropriate site owner directly.

The following tables provides recommended contacts for this program at participating Canadian tower owners and other related companies.

Company Name

Primary Contact

Secondary Contact

Bell Mobility

Dave Ramdeane

Canadian Coast Guard


Local Transmission Operations Supervisor


Greg Leonard

Freedom Mobile

Kevin Free


Bradley Collicott


Site Technician/NOC

Asma Arefeen

SBA Canada

Regional Site Manager/NOC

Serge Charron


Kevin Free


Wireless Network Engineering


Site Technician/NOC


Devin Finnigan
519-669-5421 x1251

Blake Niemi
519-669-5421 x1265


Denis Darveau


Denis Darveau

Please note that this table will be updated routinely as new information is made available. For questions or comments – or to provided an updated contact at your company – please contact [email protected]