Women of NATE Unveils Association Mentorship Program

Press release as published by AGL Media

Women of NATE (WON) is proud to announce the debut of our innovative mentoring program designed to help all NATE members climb higher together. The WON Mentorship Program is designed to foster an exchange of ideas, expertise, and camaraderie among NATE members at all levels. From emerging professionals to industry veterans, participants can grow both professionally and personally by learning from each other’s perspectives, discussing professional issues and supporting their peers in the resolution of their challenges.

If you look back in your career, you may remember a handful of people who had a huge impact on you. Who took an interest in you? Who did you look to for advice? This is a mentor. The formal definition of a mentor is someone who offers their knowledge, wisdom and advice to someone with less experience. It might not have been a formal mentoring program, but they were your mentors.

“Every great mentor I’ve had has taught me to find my voice, stretch my mind to possibilities, learn to dream and unearth my highest potential,” stated Women of NATE Committee Chairwoman Andrea (Andy) Lee. “Women of NATE is honored to launch the WON Mentorship Program. This is an excellent opportunity to develop relationships for professional development,” added Lee.

Mentoring improves employee satisfaction and retention, makes your company more appealing to recruits and trains your leaders. This mentoring program is FREE to all NATE members. With the demand for skilled employees increasing, it’s critical we assist NATE members in attracting, retaining and growing their teams.

“I am so excited we are launching this program. If you ask any successful person, all of them had someone who helped them. We all need mentors and to continue helping others thru being a mentor,” stated WON Mentorship Team Leader Miranda Allen. “I firmly believe we receive what we give so I’m looking forward to being both a mentor and mentee,” added Allen.

This goal-oriented program is designed for participants to speak via phone one to two times a month for a year. During these calls, mentors and mentees will work through goals and establish new goals based on the call. Interested participants are asked to fill out a short questionnaire and return it to the NATE office.

Both the mentor and mentee receive substantial benefits. In every field, a mentor can be the difference-maker in a career. The majority of accomplished professionals can point to a specific person who invested time, energy and support in helping them navigate the workplace.

Applications for mentors are currently being accepted. To learn more about this program or to apply HERE.

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