Weekend Kansas fatality is nation’s 7th industry death in 2017

Originally published by WirelessEstimator.com

A tower technician reportedly died yesterday afternoon in Ransom, Kan. while working on a retrofitting project on an American Tower Corp. structure.

According to sources knowledgeable of the incident, the man was working on the 420-foot guyed tower performing reinforcement work when the accident occurred. It has not been confirmed, but it is possible that the accident happened when the tower was being de-rigged.

The tech’s employer was, according to an individual knowledgeable of the accident, Worldwide Communications Consultant, Inc. of Newburgh, Ind.

The Trego Count Sheriff’s Department is investigating the incident, but has not responded to a request for additional information. American Tower and Worldwide Communications Consultant have not replied to requests for additional information as well.

Wireless Estimator will provide additional details as they become available.

The fatality is the seventh industry death in 2017, equaling the same number of fatalities in 2016.

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