Webinar – Using Technology to Facilitate Your Employees’ Safe Return to Work

On Thursday, July 9 STAC hosted a webinar with Cameron Barrett, CEO of Field Safe Solutions, on using technology to facilitate your employees’ safe return to work.

As the pandemic slows down, more companies are looking to begin sending employees back to work and new policies must be put in place to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them. During the webinar, Cam discussed the advantages of using technology – such as user-friendly mobile applications – to efficiently and effectively ensure that those returning to work are safe and monitoring their health in order to protect themselves and those they come into contact with.

The recording of the webinar Using Technology to Facilitate Your Employees’ Safe Return to Work is now available and can be accessed through the following link:


The presentation slides can be downloaded here.

Field Safe Solution is a Calgary-based cloud software company that focuses on safety. Their platform, which is a native mobile solution, can be downloaded onto any iOS, Android, or Windows device and consolidates many functions into a single, easy to use, interface that is trusted by many of the largest brands in Canada. They’ve seen firms move from collecting less than 5% of field data to north of 75% by leveraging their application.

If you have any questions about the webinar or topics discussed, or if you would like to request that STAC work to hold a webinar on any additional topic, please email us at [email protected].