Two workers fall from a hundred feet

Originally published in French by TVA Nouvelles

Author: Maxime Deland
Translated through Google Translate

Note: this is an early version of this developing news story, and some of the details in this article may not prove to be accurate. STAC will provide regular updates on this incident as additional information is confirmed.

Two workers suffered very serious injuries after falling 30 meters on Friday morning at a construction site in Candiac, Montérégie.

The two men were dismantling piece by piece a telecommunications tower on the ground of a new residential project when the tragedy occurred, around 9:15 am.

For some unknown reason, a portion of the ladder attached to the tower would have yielded while the workers were there.

The victims fell about 30 meters before crashing heavily on the ground.

Alerted by shouting, a trucker who was nearby came running to see what was happening. “It was horrible to see. I wish they would survive, but it’s appalling to fall so high. I do not understand why the ladder has dropped, “said the witness.

“We all have a ball in the belly to see this, says a worker, Robert Patenaude, met by TVA News on the spot. Even if we did not see, just to know that it happened … We spend almost more time with our colleagues than with our family, so when we see things like that, it affects us all the gang. ”

The two victims, who are in their 30s, were rushed to Hôpital Sacré-Coeur in Montreal. One of them was unconscious during his transport, while the other was conscious, but suffered multiple fractures.

For now, we do not know which telecommunications company belongs to the tower.

Inspectors from the Commission for Standards, Equity, Health and Safety at Work (CNESST) were to visit the site during the morning to begin their investigative work. By midday, work had not resumed on the site.

Several witnesses of the terrible work accident also had to be met by the authorities during the day.

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