Two more successful STAC “firsts”

STAC Steering Committee members and sponsors at the STAC Pub Night Reception on July 19, 2017. Left to right: Nicholas Kyonka (STAC), Clay Parchewsky (WesTower), Dave Perry (Alliance Corp.), John Hamilton (NWS Wireless), Jeanne Piercey (P-SEC), Ed Hachey (SBA), Sam Fadlallah (Rogers), Rick Tiller (TEI).

Hello STAC Members,

This week marked another pair of great “firsts” for the Structure, Tower & Antenna Council, as the council held its first “Open Steering Committee meeting” and first industry pub night event – both to great success!

As such, the STAC Steering Committee wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came out to either event, as well as those individuals and companies that helped make it all happen.

In particular, STAC would like to highlight again:

  • The fantastic STAC Member companies that stepped up to sponsor the pub night reception: Alliance Corp., Pier Structural Engineering Corp. (P-SEC) and NWS Wireless;
  • The gracious hospitality provided by TELUS and its STAC Steering Committee representative Jason DeHetre, who hosted the Open Steering Committee Meeting at the TELUS Tower in Montreal;
  • Telecon Steering Committee representative Dan Renaud, who helped identify possible locations for the pub night reception; and
  • CWTA, which provided logistical and other support in advance of and during the events, and which also stepped forward to help cover event costs.

For those of you who missed the Open Steering Committee meeting, please find here a PDF copy of the presentation delivered during this meeting, which provides a brief overview of STAC’s membership, committees and projects, among other items. Please contact Nick Kyonka at [email protected] for any questions about this presentation or the events.