TEAM-1 Academy becomes first STAC 2020 Full Conference Sponsor

The STAC Steering Committee is absolutely thrilled to announce TEAM-1 Academy as the first Full Conference Sponsor for the upcoming STAC 2020 Conference & Exhibition, taking place in Vancouver, BC next March 31-April 1.

TEAM-1 Academy trains thousands of tower climbers and other professionals across North America annually and is a long-serving STAC member, whose chief trainer has been involved in numerous STAC project teams over the years. They are now full sponsors of the annual STAC conference for the second year in a row, following their sponsorship of STAC 2019 in Montreal earlier this year. TEAM-1 Academy will be featured prominently at STAC 2020 in recognition of their generous support and continued dedication to tower safety.

Please join us in applauding TEAM-1 Academy for their commitment to the continued safety of the Canadian tower industry!

Please note that there are still a wide range of sponsorship opportunities for those who are interested in sponsoring the STAC 2020 Conference & Exhibition. For more information on sponsorship opportunities please email [email protected] or review the STAC 2020 sponsor and exhibitor information package here.