Tall Tower Rescue Videos Available – Webinar Being Planned

Hello STAC Members,

As those who have attended STAC Workplace Health & Safety Committee meetings over the past 12 months likely know, STAC completed last September a series of tall tower rescue simulations, in partnership with Nouvelle Hauteur.

As part of this project, STAC and Nouvelle Hauteur hired a production company to record UAV footage of each of the five rescue simulations completed. The resulting videos are now available via YouTube, and can be accessed through the following URL: https://goo.gl/vzF4W8.

Please note that these videos were originally edited for use in Craig McLellan’s presentation on the STAC Tall Tower Rescue Project at STAC 2018 Conference & Exhibition last month. As such, there is no audio on any of these videos, and no running commentary to explain what is happening or what lessons can be drawn.

That said, STAC is working with team at Nouvelle Hauteur to develop a webinar that will allow all STAC Members to gain additional insight into these videos, the rescue simulations they depict, and the lessons learned from this project. Additional information about this webinar will be posted in the months ahead.

Finally, please note also that these videos are for comparative and informational purposes only and should not be used as training videos.


Nick Kyonka
STAC Program Director