STAC to launch new Women of STAC Committee

The STAC Steering Committee has approved the launch of a new STAC Committee dedicated to supporting women in their pursuit of career advancement in the telecommunications and related industries across Canada.

The new Women of STAC Committee will work to identify areas where there are training, mentoring, and networking gaps or opportunities for the career advancement of women working in the telecommunications industry in Canada. The committee will hold bi-monthly conference calls as well as a face-to-face meeting to coincide with the annual STAC conference.

The Women of STAC Committee will assist, by way of suggesting, encouraging, and/or coaching qualified speakers, to ensure the STAC annual conference has an increasingly balanced diversity of speakers.

The Women of STAC Committee will also explore other projects and initiatives, as identified by its members, to further its vision. Some of these initiatives may include:
• Scholarships
• Training grants
• Corporate and industry recruitment plans and strategies
• Educational opportunities for STAC members
• Targeted conference tracks specifically for women

STAC is thrilled to announce that Jeanne Piercey (P-SEC) has been selected as the inaugural lead for the Women of STAC Committee, following Jeanne’s leadership in the committee’s development.

If you are interested in joining Jeanne and others in their efforts to improve the careers of women in the telecommunications industry, please contact [email protected] or [email protected] to request that you be added to the Women of STAC Committee distribution list. People of all genders are welcome!