STAC Tall Tower Rescue Webinar

STAC and Nouvelle Hauteur are teaming up to host a webinar that will cover the results of the STAC Tall Tower Rescue Project simulations completed last September. This webinar will take place on Friday, October 12 at 12:00 p.m. EDT.

So you’ve performed tower rescue practices 25’ up a ladder and consider yourself a pro: think you could do it at 10 times that height?

STAC and Nouvelle Hauteur teamed up in September 2017 to hold a series of tall tower rescue simulations that were designed to help identify issues that can complicate or slow a rescue, and techniques for mitigating those issues and hazards. Working on towers up to 300’ tall, a team of qualified rescue trainers performed five different simulated rescues over two days. Join project team lead Craig McLellan for a presentation that will discuss the unique challenges rescuers face when working at heights and how to better prepare your own crews to rescue a distressed colleague when you can barely see the ground.

To access the live webinar, please connect via the following coordinates:
Toll-free: 1-866-234-0247
Local (Toronto): 416-443-4589
Conference ID: 612392

Please note that you must connect to both the dial-in bridge and the WebEx to access both the audio and visual components of the webinar. It is our hope that a recorded version of this webinar will also be posted to the STAC Members Website by late October.