STAC Tall Tower Rescue Webinar – Recording Now Available

Hello STAC Members,

We are pleased to share with you all today the recording of the recent STAC Tall Tower Rescue Webinar, hosted by STAC and Nouvelle Hauteur.

This live webinar was presented by Craig McLellan from Nouvelle Hauteur on the afternoon of October 12, and recapped the results and findings of the STAC Tall Tower Rescue Simulation completed with Nouvelle Hauteur in September 2017. The webinar also followed a similar presentation provided at the STAC 2018 Conference & Exhibition in Calgary.

The recording of the STAC Tall Tower Rescue Webinar is now available and can be accessed via Dropbox at the following link:

Please note that these files can only be accessed if downloaded from Dropbox, and that you must also install the WebEx ARF Player application to play the webinar file. (STAC will also be looking into options to convert the ARF file to MP4 in the days ahead.)

You can download the WebEx ARF Player here.

Finally, the STAC Steering Committee would also like to take one last opportunity to thank those who made the Tall Tower Rescue Simulation and the Tall Tower Rescue Webinar possible, including:
Varcon Inc., which sponsored the rescue equipment;
Videotron, which provided access to its tower;
Nouvelle Hauteur, which proposed the STAC Tall Tower Rescue Project and completed all on-site activities during the simulations; and of course
Craig McLellan, who has worked tirelessly to help convey the important learnings from the STAC Tall Tower Rescue Simulations to the STAC membership.

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