STAC Talks: Rescue at 400’


In recent weeks, STAC has begun to field an increasing number of requests from STAC Members seeking advice on a variety of safety topics. While our standard procedure to date has been to seek answers or opinions and to relay them to the STAC Member who made the request, we realize that this information is frequently valuable to other STAC Members.

STAC Talks ImageAs such, we are launching today a new resource called STAC Talks, which will reflect the discussions held between subject-matter experts in response to STAC Members’ questions. These materials will typically present different options or opinions on how to address a particular safety hazard or issue, and are designed to provoke thought about these subjects. Importantly, they are not designed as comprehensive guidelines or procedures, and should never be interpreted as such.

Each STAC Talks document will be posted in the Hot Topics section of the STAC Members website, and will be highlighted in monthly newsletters.

In this first STAC Talk, a group of experienced working at heights trainers discuss a Members’ request for information on how to design a rescue plan for towers that are taller than 400 feet. In a preview of a potential STAC 2017 panel discussion, the trainers consulted demonstrate that there is no singular
“correct answer” to this question.

To read the full STAC Talks document, please click here.