STAC Submits 2020 Budget Asks to Ontario

The STAC Industry Workforce Development Committee has been hard at work trying to find ways to support growth in the industry labour force, including by working to gain government support for the sector. Because STAC is administered by CWTA, this committee benefits from the wireless association’s expertise and experience advocating on behalf of the industry.

It hasn’t taken long for that expertise and experience to pay off.

Just a few short months after the committee’s launch, STAC is pleased to announce that representatives of CWTA and the Industry Workforce Development Committee have secured meetings with ministers in Alberta and Manitoba for early March, in which they will advocate for provincial funding for tower worker training among other priorities. CWTA is also continuing to work to line up additional meetings with provincial – and federal – ministers on STAC’s behalf in the months ahead.

CWTA’s director of government relations, Maguessa Morel-Laforce, has also been working with other members of the STAC Industry Workforce Development Committee to compose an official Budget 2020 submission to the Province of Ontario, helping to make sure that the province is aware of the industry’s growing labour needs as it plans for the year ahead. This submission asked the province to consider two broad budget priority proposals as follows:

Establishments of earmarked funding to train telecommunication technicians

  • The cost of training new employees and developing new skill sets in current employees fall entirely on the structure, tower and antenna companies.
  • This increases the cost of hiring new employees and expending business operations.
  • Reducing the cost of hiring would help STAC members in developing a more stable workforce and expand their businesses to meet the investment rhythm that will need to be met with the 5G roll-out.
  • STAC would like to see its members receive a compensation of 10K$ per trainee.

Funding to launch new courses geared towards building and maintaining telecommunication infrastructure

  • STAC members would like to see funding allocated to develop new courses that prepare tomorrow’s workforce to the labour market needs.
  • A specialized and skilled workforce that is training and prepared in specialized institutional program would be a great asset for the province and would promote full employment, either in youth or in second career citizens.
  • The Ontario government should allocate 250k$ for STAC to partner with an Ontario based institution to develop specific training programs.

The Ontario government could help Ontario based STAC members by allocating dedicated funds to help businesses cope with initial training expenditures as well as contribute to lifelong learning initiative to keep the workforce skills up to date.

This submission is the first of many steps that the STAC Industry Workforce Development Committee is taking in order to support and promote industry growth. You can read a copy of the full submission here.