STAC Site-Specific Wind Load Calculations Webinar with International Climatic Evaluation Inc. (I.C.E.)

Hello STAC Members,

STAC was pleased to host on January 17 the first part of a two-part webinar on Site-Specific Wind Load Calculations, with expert content provided by International Climatic Evaluation Inc. (I.C.E.) engineers Simon Weisman and Boris Weisman.

A recording of this webinar is now available, and can be accessed through the Dropbox link here.

Please note that this file can only be accessed if downloaded from Dropbox, and that you must also install the WebEx ARF Player application to play the webinar file. You can download the WebEx ARF Player here.

Slides from the webinar (without audio) can also be accessed here.

Please note that we are also working in the days ahead to provide a separate audio recording of the webinar presentation to reduce the number of audio interruptions caused by people entering and leaving the webinar. We will also disable entry/exit tones during Part II of this webinar (on January 24) to facilitate a better user experience.

Finally, note that invitations have already been sent out to members of the STAC Engineering Guidelines & Practices Committee for the follow-up webinar on January 24.

The presentation outline for the follow-up webinar is as follows:

Site-specific derivation of wind (ICE and ECCC)
• Data sources
• Statistical procedures
• Exposure and terrain adjustments to wind

ICE site-specific reports
• Report elements
• Interpretation of reports (Use of data in analysis and design of towers)


If you have not yet received this invitation – and wish to participate in the webinar – please contact Nicholas Kyonka at [email protected]