STAC Releases COVID-19 Template Checklist

STAC is very pleased to share the STAC COVID-19 Template Checklist, which was designed through the STAC Workplace Health & Safety Committee and the STAC Safety Forms Project Team over the past four weeks.

This template checklist provides tower companies with information about protecting employees from the spread of COVID-19, and contains individual checklists for a variety of situations tower crews encounter on a near-daily basis, including:
• Accessing Shared Locations
• Tower Site Safety
• Rooftop Site Safety
• Vehicle Safety
• Restaurant Safety
• Public Restroom Safety

This document also contains a “General COVID-19 Safety” checklist, as well as a “Master” tab that incorporates all of the information contained in each of the other tabs.

This spreadsheet checklist was developed as a template that employers or employees can modify as they deem necessary. Please note though that changes made to individual tabs in the document will not be automatically copied to the Master tab.

Click here to download the STAC COVID-19 Template Checklist.

Click here to download the French language copy. 

STAC intends to continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation across Canada as well as best practices recommended by public health authorities that may be pertinent to the tower industry, and will provide updates to this spreadsheet periodically, as appropriate. We encourage STAC members with questions about this checklist – or who would like to suggest any additions or modifications – to please contact us at [email protected]