The New & Emerging Technologies Committee brings together industry professionals to discuss new technologies of relevance to the communications tower industry, including how best to ensure the safe use of those technologies. Current technologies under consideration by this committee include Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) and Small Cell technologies.

Committee Lead

Keith Ranney, Bell

UPDATED: June, 2019

Volunteers from STAC’s New & Emerging Technologies Committee worked throughout 2017 to prepare for and respond to Transport Canada’s release of proposed new UAV regulations. After much discussion, the project team members submitted STAC’s comments to Transport Canada in October 2017.

Click here to read STAC’s submission.

Transport Canada released updated regulations for commercial use of UAVs in early 2019, and those regulations came into effect in June 2019. You can read STAC’s take on the new UAV regulations here.

Project Leads
Keith Ranney (Bell)
Colin Hubick (WSP)

Additional Volunteers
Brett Glutz (Tridon)
Christian Dulude (CIMA+)
Luc Marceau (NWS Wireless)
Mirjana Lukac (Telecon)
Mike Powell (Bell)
Lindsay Tomalik (Tridon)

Project Resources
Flying your drone safely and legally
• Simpler drone regulations to come into effect this June
• STAC Submission – Regulations Amending the Canadian Aviation Regulations (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) download
Executive Summary – Update to Stakeholders on Unmanned Air Vehicles June 2016
UVA Systems Program Design Working Group – Phase 1 Final Report – March 2012 (.doc download)
UAV Systems Program Design Working Group – Phase 2 Final Report – May 2016 (.doc download)
Drone Talks: Planning for Success – Summary Report – May 29-30, 2019 (.doc download)
Parlons drones : Planifier pour réussir – Rapport Sommaire – 29 et 30 mai 2019

UPDATED: January, 2020

Members of STAC’s New & Emerging Technologies Committee have begun work developing a best practices manual for UAV operators who complete work in the communication tower industry.

This comprehensive manual is designed to provide UAV operators with the information and checklist templates needed to ensure safe UAV operations at all times. For more information about the planned contents of this document, please consult the preliminary document index here.

This project is currently on hold as it has not been deemed a high-priority project for the STAC community.

Project Leads
Keith Ranney (Bell)

Additional Volunteers
Christian Dulude (CIMA+)
Gregory Gasbarre (Titan AEX)

Please contact Nicholas Kyonka, STAC’s Program Manager, to submit an FAQ related to this committee’s work.