STAC’s Contractor Qualifications Committee works to standardize and optimize the industry prequalification process wherever possible.

Committee Lead

Ed Hachey, SBA Communications

UPDATE: August, 2018
After two long years of study and preparation, the STAC Prequalification Roadmap project team was thrilled to release this month the draft version of the STAC prequalification questionnaire.

The questionnaire – which was previewed to the STAC Contractor Qualifications Committee on July 24 – is designed as a template prequalification survey that STAC Members will soon be able to use to qualify their own contractors and sub-contractors.

STAC is currently asking its members to review the draft questionnaire and to provide comments by no later than September 18. To make this process as easy as possible, STAC is making two different versions of the questionnaire available to members who are interested in participating in this review:
• An online version, available here:
• A Microsoft Word version, available here:

Brief notes to assist users in completing this review can also be found at the following URLs:
Review Instructions – Online Version
Review Instructions – MS Word Version

Please contact [email protected] with any questions about this project or the review.

The STAC Contractor Qualifications Committee has been tasked with developing a prequalification questionnaire that could be utilized across the industry, in an effort to help harmonize industry prequalification processes.

By utilizing a collaborative process that includes representatives of site owners and contractors (both large and small), the STAC “roadmap questionnaire” will provide companies with a necessary prequalification tool that balances the needs and realities of different players in the prequalification ecosystem.

Once completed, STAC will work with carriers and large contractors to adopt the roadmap questionnaire to the maximum extent possible in an effort to simplify prequalification processes and reduce contractor overhead.

After reviewing more than 400 questions from a dozen industry questionnaires, the STAC project team is currently refining selected questions and beginning to construct the roadmap questionnaire. For more information about this project, please contact Nicholas Kyonka at [email protected]

Project Volunteers
Ed Hachey, SBA (Project Lead)
Anne-Sophie Tetreault, Cognibox
Bassam Jaafar, CATEK
Brent Hrywkiw, WSP
Emilie Filion, Cognibox
Greg Leonard, Eastlink
Greg Tolson, Tridon
Hugh Heaton, CCI
Jeff Selby, Trylon
Mathieu Coulombe, Bell
Mike Tasker, ComSolve
Robert Popien, Tbaytel
Terence Saar, Bell

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