STAC Bulletin 0003 – Fall Protection Systems without CSA-Compliant Fall Arrestors and Vertical Rigid Rails (Z259.2.4-15)

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide tower contractors and tower owners with recommended best practices for identifying and responding to tower sites with fall protection systems that do not have CSA-compliant fall arrestors and/or vertical rigid rails.

An unknown number of Canadian communications towers currently utilize fall protection systems that no longer have CSA-compliant compatible fall arrestors and vertical rigid rails, resulting in a potentially hazardous situation for tower climbers. As a result, workers are required to utilize the double-hook climbing method to access those towers, leading to reduced efficiency and increased exposure to a potential fall hazard created by human error.

Canadian tower owners are seeking to identify each occurrence of such non-compliant fall protection systems located on towers within their inventories. Tower contractors are being asked to help identify sites at which non-compliant fall protection systems are installed, and to report any such sites to the appropriate site owner directly.

All contractors and tower owners are advised to review this bulletin in detail and to share the bulletin and/or its information with internal personnel and industry colleagues as appropriate.

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Click here or on the images below to download a copy of this bulletin.