STAC attends NATE UNITE 2019

STAC members attend the annual NATE UNITE Awards Luncheon in Grapevine, Texas on Feb. 6, 2019 (From left to right) Chris Dickson (Wesbell), Ed Hachey (SBA), Keith Ranney (Bell), Gordon Lyman (eSystem Training), Jeanne Piercey (P-SEC), Nick Smitiuch (P-SEC), Clay Parchewsky (WesTower).
Clay Parchewsky from WesTower, Nick Kyonka from STAC, and Jeanne Piercey from P-SEC at NATE UNITE

STAC was pleased to meet with two National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) committees earlier this month while travelling to Grapevine, Texas for the annual NATE UNITE conference.

In what is now becoming an annual tradition, STAC met with members of the NATE OSHA Relations Committee and the NATE Safety & Education Committee in advance of the conference, discussing a variety of topics such as STAC documents, current issues and opportunities for collaboration.

Members of the OSHA Relations Committee took a particular interest in the recently released STAC Anchor Shaft Corrosion Inspection Priority Matrix, while members of the Safety & Education Committee identified their desire to use the STAC Identifying & Responding to RF Hot Zones best practices document in NATE’s development of RF safety guidelines.

STAC also learned of the Safety & Education Committee’s new focus on dropped tool prevention and the growing trend among U.S. utilities that are requiring tool tethering as part of their master service agreements.

Members of the STAC delegation also attended a variety of NATE UNITE educational sessions, including “Determining Rigging Forces,” “Dropped Loads – A Serious Epidemic,” “Why Towers Fall Down,” and “Network Densification Case Studies in Small Cells and DAS.” We were also thrilled to see Tiara Dietrich’s presentation, “Safety First, Safety Always,” which was booked for NATE following her moving presentation at STAC 2018 last year.

STAC members Max Birch (FieldSEENSE), Beau Aero (GME) and Jerry Bezner (Alliance Corp.) join STAC program director Nick Kyonka at the NATE UNITE reception hosted by GME and Alliance.

NATE UNITE’s conference is supported by a lively and packed trade show floor and a stream of well-attended receptions. STAC’s delegation was proud to see so many of our members at their booths, and we definitely had a good time at the Tuesday night reception hosted by STAC members (and STAC 2019 sponsors!) Alliance Corp. and GME Supply Co.

The trip home from NATE UNITE is always bittersweet, but it’s easy to look ahead to STAC 2019, which is coming up in just 10 weeks. And while it was fantastic to see so many STAC members in Texas, we are looking forward to seeing hundreds more of you in Montreal.



STACC 2018 keynote speaker Tiara Dietrich speaks at NATE UNITE 2019
STAC Co-chairs Clay Parchewsky from WesTower (left) and Keith Ranney from Bell (right) meet with Duane MacEntee, executive director of NWSA
eSystem Training Solutions booth at NATE UNITE 2019
FieldSENSE booth at NATE UNITE 2019
Alliance Corp. booth at NATE UNITE 2019
Trylon booth at NATE UNITE 2019
GME booth at NATE UNITE 2019