STAC and Field Safe Solutions team up for mobile safety app webinar

STAC was pleased to host a webinar this week that looked at the mobile native safety applications made available through Field Safe Solutions.

Field Safe Solution is a Calgary based cloud software company that focuses on safety. Their platform, which is a native mobile solution, can be downloaded onto any iOS, Android, or Windows device and consolidates many functions into a single, easy to use, interface that is trusted by many of the largest brands in Canada. They’ve seen firms move from collecting less than 5% of field data to north of 75% by leveraging their application.

The STAC-Field Safe Solutions webinar was held on August 12 for STAC member exclusively, and was part of STAC’s continuing efforts to encourage its members to adopt modern safety processes wherever applicable and reasonable to do so.

For more information about Field Safe Solutions and their safety platform, please contact Greg Clarke at [email protected] or 403-463-4994 (cell).