STAC 2020 Potential Session Topic Descriptions

5G Equipment Rollout: 5G rollout including equipment and installation info from manufacturers.

Aeronautical obstructions: New tower construction, tower height changes, removals (markings and lighting) as well as land use according to NavCanada.

Aeronautical obstructions: Beginner’s guide to safe work on AM towers.

Antenna Mount Analysis: Why we analyze mounts and the key factors affecting their structural integrity.

Bazooka Balun Testing: CBC presenting on the work they’ve done regarding RF retransmissions coming off of guy wires.

Bolt Pre-Tensioning: Turn-of-nut demo and discussion.

Building a Safety Culture within a Company: How to build a strong safety culture.

Contractor Q&A – Rigger Issues: Discussion of contractor challenges and opportunities.

Controlled Descent Best Practices: What would an industry guideline would look like?

Dropped Objects: How best to protect against dropped object incidents.

Future of the Industry Workforce: How do we attract new people to the industry? What efforts are underway?

Knowledge Succession in the Tower Industry: Tips and tricks for planning transfer of knowledge from senior employees to newer workers and staff.

Lessons Learned from Tower Failures: Most recent version of now-annual address.

Lessons Learned from Tower History: The old trans-Atlantic communications network and the role towers played.

Man-rated Antenna Mounts: How to determine if mounts are man-rated for climbers.

Next-Generation Safety – Techniques and Tools: How to optimize safety practices and processes using modern tools and techniques.

Numerical Simulation of Vortex Shedding Induced Loads on Free-Standing Structures: Presentation of design procedure that allows one to easily estimate the critical wind speed that can trigger vortex shedding.

Profitability in a 5G World: What will companies in the tower industry need to ensure profitability during the 5G rollout?

RF for Structural Engineers: Help explain RF engineering to non-RF engineers.

Rooftop Safety: Updated presentation on rooftop guidelines, based on the STAC document.

Things that Get Overlooked During Inspections: Things that often get overlooked during tower inspections, including fatigue cracks at welds, and inspections of wooden poles.

Tower and Rooftop Maintenance Inspections – Requirements and Guidelines: S37 requirements and industry best practices.

Tower Construction Loads: Approaches and analysis of tower structures for construction loads.

Tower Modifications and Hazards: Hazards to towers and people during some typical tower modification processes.

Updated Federal Fall Protection Regulations: Overview of new federal fall protection regulations and how they differ from previous version.

Vibration Mitigation Solutions: What are they? Who makes them? How are they maintained/tuned?

What Causes Traffic Accidents: Most common causes of vehicular accidents and tips for preventing them.