STAC 2019 Annual Meeting and Pub Night Reception

STAC was thrilled to see so many of its members from across the communication tower industry last week at STAC’s first official Annual Meeting and annual STAC Pub Night Reception. Thank you for turning up in full force for these great events!

This blog post provides overview of the two October 29 events – which took place at the Rogers Park Campus and the Jack Astor’s Bar and Grill in Brampton, Ontario, respectively – as well as the first meetings of two new STAC committees, which launched the following day during meetings at Wesbell’s Mississauga offices.

STAC Annual Meeting

STAC was pleased to host around 70 STAC members for STAC’s first official Annual Meeting following the implementation of the STAC Governance Policy earlier this fall. The STAC presentation focused on each of the following core elements of STAC’s work:

• STAC membership update
• STAC Steering Committee update
• STAC documents
• New STAC Committees
• STAC projects
• The STAC 2020 Conference & Exhibition

Attached here are the STAC Annual Meeting presentation slides. 

STAC noted that this year 119 members have renewed, with 10 new members since STAC 2019. Membership is strong and STAC is looking to target Western Canada for new membership prior to STAC 2020.

At this year’s meeting, STAC was pleased to welcome the two new Steering Committee Members, Rigarus Construction Inc. and Nouvelle Hauteur/New Heights. Both companies are long-time STAC members and have played major roles in STAC projects during their tenure as members.

The STAC documents highlighted at the meeting include:

• STAC Climber Training Guidelines
Telecommunications Rooftop Site Access, Work and Visits
• STAC Prequalification Roadmap Questionnaire
STAC Study – Mitigating Anchor Shaft Corrosion and Related Tower Failures
Recommended Anchor Shaft Inspection Priority Matrix
UAV Services for the Communication Tower Industry
STAC Governance Policy
PPE Inventory Management Form
STAC Bulletin – SB-0003 – Fall Protection Systems without CSA-Compliant Fall Arrestors and Vertical Rigid Rails (Z259.2.4-15)

All these documents are available on the STAC website via the STAC Documents page. For specific questions, please email [email protected]

STAC also formally launched two new STAC committees during the meeting, helping to highlight two new areas of focus for the months and years ahead:

• Industry Workforce Committee
• Credentials Committee

Both committees met for the first time on Wednesday October 30 at Wesbell (more information provided below). While both new committees were launched with strict limits on the number of committee members, STAC is hoping to open up both committees to additional members in the months to come, as appropriate. Anyone interested in joining the waiting list for either committee is asked to contact [email protected]

The STAC Annual Meeting also provided an opportunity for STAC’s leadership to brief STAC members on a number of completed and ongoing projects that STAC and STAC committees have been working on over the past year, including:

• Galloping Vibrations, Vortex Shedding and Tower Damping
• Rooftop Fall Protection
• Dig-to-Block Inspection Checklist
• Safety Forms Templates
• Engineering Templates
• Women of STAC Bursary Fund
• A10.48 Standard
• Tower Work on Icy Towers

For more information on these projects or project elements, please email [email protected].

There was also plenty of talk about the upcoming STAC 2020 Conference & Exhibition. STAC 2020 will be held at Sheridan Wall Center Vancouver, B.C. from March 31 – April 1. STAC announced that delegation registration will be opening soon, and that a survey will be sent out to members on session topics in the coming weeks. (Note: STAC 2020 delegate registration is now available here, while STAC members can access the STAC 2020 Session Topic Survey until Nov. 18 via the link here.)

STAC also made sure to thank the first committed STAC 2020 full conference sponsor, TEAM-1 Academy, as well as other sponsors and exhibitors that have already registered. There are still sponsorship opportunities available and exhibitor spots open for those interested.

To close the annual meeting, CWTA president and CEO, Rob Ghiz, spoke to those in attendance about the future of the industry.

STAC would like to thank Rogers for hosting members for the meeting as well as Tiller Engineering Inc. (TEI) for sponsoring the meeting refreshments. STAC would again like to highlight the tireless work of Sam Fadlallah and Asma Arefeen from Rogers, who were instrumental in coordinating the Annual Meeting.


Pub Night Reception

Following the meeting, attendees and other STAC members made their way over to a nearby Jack Astor’s Bar and Grill for the now-annual STAC Pub Night Reception. The night consisted of networking and socializing among peers.

With an estimated 100 attendees, the Pub Night Reception was a huge hit again this year. STAC would like to thank the pub night sponsors who helped to make sure that all attendees were well-fed and had plenty to drink: NWS Wireless, ProntoForms, Alliance Corporation, Gap Wireless, and TEP Canada.

STAC would also like to thank Dave Perry and Lisa Traverse from Alliance Corp. for their generosity that allowed the party to continue after STAC’s last call at 6 p.m.


New Committee Meetings on Wednesday October 30

A day after the Annual Meeting, STAC was thrilled to host the first meetings of the new STAC Industry Workforce Committee and STAC Credentials Committee, with both meetings held at the Wesbell offices in Mississauga.

The Industry Workforce Committee was created to find ways to bring in more workers to the industry. Discussions during the meeting included:

• Working with institutions such as colleges and universities
• What it would take to provide apprenticeships in the industry
• Federal and Provincial funding for training and hiring

The Credentials Committee was created to explore the process for bringing the National Wireless Safety Alliance (NWSA) certification program to Canada. During Wednesday’s meeting, the committee discussed first steps and reviewed documentations available on the NWSA website.

While these two committees are not seeking additional members at this time, STAC is encouraging members who are interested in getting involved to email [email protected] for information and to join the committee wait lists.

Thanks to everyone involved

Finally, STAC would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who played a role in making these events and meetings such a huge success, including our hosts and sponsors, as well as everyone who attended.