The following are PDF copies of available presentations delivered at the STAC 2018 Conference & Exhibition. Please note that additional presentations will be posted as we receive each presenter’s permission to do so.

Thank you again to all of the speakers and moderators whose efforts helped to make the event such a huge success!

Day 1

State of STAC
Chantale Neapole (CWTA), Clay Parchewksy (WesTower), Keith Ranney (Bell), Nick Kyonka (STAC)

S37 Revision
Marina Guerra (Bell)
John Wahba (Turris)

STAC Project Update: Climber Training Guidelines
Adam Gale (Vertical Specialties) Clay Parchewsky (WesTower), Dominique Valdez (eSystem Training Solutions)

Deloitte TMT Predictions 2018 for STAC
Duncan Stewart (Deloitte)

Guy Anchor Corrosion and Protection
Johanna Chavez (Englobe)
Michael MacDougall (Tower Power Group)

Fall Protection Hot Topics: System Design and Inspection Requirements
Rick Guenette (Gravisys)

The Human Factor
Jim Tracy (NATE)

Fitness for Duty: Physical Demand Analysis for Aerial Workers
Dean McDougall (SureHire)
Dan Renaud (Telecon)

STAC Project Update – Prequalification Roadmap
Ed Hachey (SBA), Nick Kyonka (STAC), Terence Saar (Bell)

UAV Regulatory Update
Jason Rule (Transport Canada)

STAC Project Update – Tall Tower Rescue
Craig McLellan (Nouvelle Hauteur)


Day 2

Lessons Learned from Tower Failures
John Wahba (Turris), Keith Ranney (Bell), Nathan Schauerte (WesTower)

Towers 201
Devin Finnigan (Trylon)
Randy Carrol (WesTower), Simon Weisman (Guymast)

Safety on the Moo-ve: Mobile Tower Safety

Rigging Safety
Gordon Lyman (eSystem Training Solutions)

Lessons Learned from Disaster Recovery
Cathy Zemp (TELUS), Jason DeHetre (TELUS)
Dale Barber (SBA)

Innovative Smart Monitoring of Towers
Rick Tiller (Tiller Engineering Inc.)

Construction Quality for New Towers
Brent Hrywkiw (Stantec), Serge Charron (SBA)

Tower Maintenance Program
Jeanne Piercey (P-SEC), Shawn Barry (Comtech)

Monopole Safety
Herve Landreville (GRAVI-T Zero)
John Dennis (Dynamic Rescue Systems)
Craig McLellan (Nouvelle Hauteur)