The following are PDF copies of available presentations delivered at the STAC 2017 Conference & Exhibition. Please note that additional presentations will be posted as we receive each presenter’s permission to do so.

Thank you again to all of the speakers and moderators whose efforts helped to make the event such a huge success!

Day 1

State of STAC
Keith Ranney (Bell) and Clay Parchewsky (WesTower)

Anchorage, Resisting Force & the Human Body
Greg Small (Elevated Insight & Engineering)
Hervé Landreville (GRAVI-T ZERO)
Nick Wilkerson (SBA)

Tower Reinforcing Considerations
Jonathan Walsh (TEI) and Serge Arseneault (WSP)

Safe Site Access 411
Dan Renaud (Telecon)

Commercial UAV Regulations
Henri DeBruyn (Transport Canada)
Please note that Transport Canada has asked STAC to link to its Drone Safety webpage instead of posting the PDF presentation to ensure STAC Members have access to the most updated information at all times.
A French-language version of this page is also available here.

Smart Guys Part I: Guy Anchor Corrosion
Bart Roberts and Craig Snyder (AnchorGuard)

Rescue & Fall Protection: Compliance & Essentials
Cédric Martel (Rocktel)
Mike Amyotte (SkySafe Solutions)

Grounding Systems for Towers and Shelters
William Graham (Grounded Connections)

Tall Tower Rescue
Clay Parchewsky (WesTower)
Craig McLellen (Nouvelle Hauteur)

Supervisor Duties and Consequences
Norm Keith (Fasken Martineau)

Towers 101: Tower Engineering Fundamentals
Simon Weisman (Guymast)
Kurt Penfold (Trylon)

Evolution of Engineering Tools and the Tower Market
Pascal Texier (Stantec)
Martin Piercey (P-Sec)


Day 2

ASSE A10.48 and What It Means for the Canadian Market
Gordon Lyman (eSystem Training Solutions)

It’s Not the Sky That’s Falling: Dropped Tool Prevention
Barry White (3M)
Please note that 3M has asked STAC to link to its Dropped Tool Prevention White Paper instead of posting the PDF presentation.

Blowing in the Wind: Site-Specific Wind Load Calculations
Ka-Hing Yau and Phil Jarrett (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
Simon Weisman (Guymast)

Due Diligence in Sub-Contractor Approval and Management
Elizabeth Lofthouse (WSPS)
Anne-Sophie Tetreault (Cognibox)

RF Monitor Usage Demonstration
Neill Harlen (Interfax Systems)
Max Birch (FieldSENSE)
Nicolas Doare (MVG)

Tower Lighting Update: New Specs and Neighbour-Friendly Implementation
Brian Gray (RVA Lighting and Masts)

Smart Guys Part II: Guy Wire Tensioning
Trevor Bolt (Varcon)
Gregory Gasbarre (Titan AEX)

Eye in the Sky: Spherical RF Lens Antenna Technology
Marc Landry (Gap Wireless)

Safety Code 6: Calculations and Measurements for Tower Work
Pierre-Alexandre Nolet (CBC)

Network Densification: Small Cell and DAS Systems
Laura Marciniwe (Teletek Structures)