STAC 2016 a Huge Success


Even the media had to admit it – STAC’s inaugural conference was a huge success!

Powered by a team of captivating speakers who presented on a wide variety of pertinent topics, STAC 2016 was – to many in attendance – a much-needed opportunity for Canadian tower professionals to get together to discuss important safety issues and other industry developments.

AA3_0558We heard about fall protection standards from Ron O’Neil – the chair of the CSA Group’s Z259 committee – and about tower design standards from Simon Weisman, the outgoing chair of the S37 committee.

We heard about working at heights requirements and regulations from both provincial and federal experts – Mike Hunter from Infrastructure, Health & Safety Association (IHSA) and Kim Mordaunt from Employment & Social Development Canada (ESDC).

We heard about Transport Canada’s new tower lighting standard from Brian Gray – one of the country’s leading experts on the subject – and about Health Canada’s new Safety Code 6 limits from Agnieszka Zubek, whose RF knowledge appears limitless.

And of course, we heard about the U.S. tower industry’s trials and triumphs over the past two decades in an inspiring keynote address by NATE’s executive director, Todd Schlekeway. With a little luck and some hard work, we hope to replicate many of these triumphs in the years ahead.

And these are just a few of the many remarkable presentations we saw over the course of the two-day conference. In the weeks ahead, STAC will be working to compile and post copies of each presentation to the Members’ section of our website.


Fabulous speakers delivering fantastic presentations were only partly to thank for STAC 2016’s success, however, and we would be remiss not to pay tribute to the incredible exhibitors and sponsors who also helped make the show such a great accomplishment.

And that’s not even to mention the delegates – about 170 in total – who not only filled the rooms, but who pressed our speakers on important issues and questions, and who thus helped ensure that everyone in attendance got the information they needed to pass along to their crews.

Truly, everyone who made it out to STAC 2016 should take great pride in being part of this seminal event, which will undoubtedly play a role in helping to shape the health and safety of Canada’s communication tower workers for decades to come.

All that said, there are a few individuals who should be recognized for going above and beyond in their support of STAC’s inaugural conference. These include conference co-chairs Keith Ranney (Bell) and Clay Parchewsky (WesTower) – who each put countless hours into helping plan the conference’s most minute details – as well as Gordon Lyman (eSystem Training Solutions), who has been a consistently reliable resource and sounding board since becoming STAC’s first official new member in early January.

Needless to say, STAC 2016 would not have been half of what it was without their support. Now it’s time to get some R&R gentlemen (we need you well rested since STAC 2017 planning will be kicking off soon).

AA3_0755 AA3_0961

To view conference photos in full, please click here.


STAC Work Ramping Up

With the conference behind us, we can now turn our attention to other work, meaning STAC’s activities will be ramping up considerably in the weeks ahead.

Firstly, each of STAC’s sub-committees will be knuckling down on their individual projects, with a heavy focus on providing deliverables over the summer. What this means is that many of the sub-committees will be breaking down into smaller teams to tackle distinct project components, and that our sub-committee meetings will be more focused on providing updates to those teams’ activities.

Ramped-up efforts also mean that we’ll be putting more resources up on the STAC Members website, including meetings notes, best practice documents and the aforementioned conference presentations.

Finally, we will also start using this blog space more frequently in order to discuss pertinent industry safety issues, or to answer questions about standards or regulations.

So if you have a blog topic that you think should be discussed, please bring it to our attention. If you’re willing to write a post – even better!



Our thoughts go out today to everyone from Fort McMurray, including STAC Members who operate in the area.

Donations to the Red Cross Alberta Fires Emergency Appeal can be made through mobile giving by texting REDCROSS to 45678 ($10 donation) or 30333 ($5 donation). Donations can also be made online at


STAC Membership Keeps on Growing

One final quick note here to report that STAC’s pre- and post-conference membership drives have also proven to be a huge success as we saw 24 new organizations come onboard since March 1, representing nearly half of all STAC members.

These new members are:

  • Small Cell Technologies Inc.
  • RTU Power & Controls Ltd.
  • Crosby Canada
  • RVA Lighting & Masts
  • Walsh Wireless Inc.
  • Vertical Specialties Inc.
  • Cognibox
  • Guymast Inc.
  • Highlight Pacific Construction Ltd.
  • Morrison Hershfield
  • Skyhook Tower Solutions
  • Catek Technical
  • Vista Telecom
  • Stantec Consulting
  • Micro Service
  • Telewave Construction
  • CIMA +
  • Grundy Telecom
  • Gravity Zero
  • Turris Contractors
  • Clear Blue Sky
  • Nabatech Consultants
  • Excel Tower Service Ltd.

As always, a complete list of STAC Members can be found on the Membership page of our website. We encourage you all to check this list periodically to make sure you’re aware of those companies that have demonstrated their commitment to safe work practices by becoming a STAC Member.