Small providers, incumbents clash over WiFi-based MVNOs

Originally published by The Wire Report
Author: Ahmad Hathout

Mandating wholesale roaming access to Wi-Fi-based mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) will encourage innovation and competition by providing Canadians with more wireless service options, some organizations and small providers told the CRTC, while incumbents argued such a mandate would actually threaten their investment in future technology, including 5G.

“There is insufficient competition in the wholesale level of the mobile wireless services sector to deliver the benefits of effective competition to Canadian consumers,” the Canadian Cable Systems Alliance (CCSA) said in its intervention. Comments were due Friday and released on Monday.

“The regulatory framework should encourage and enable innovative service models [and] with respect to what types of networks can qualify as ‘home networks,’ CCSA submits simply that the types of technology and service delivery models used should not, by themselves, constitute a barrier to entry.”

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