Seeking Sling Suggestions

IMG_3795By Marc Dunham, Advantage Tower (STAC Member Blogger)

I write to you the STAC representatives for advice.

First let me start by saying I have been in the telecommunication tower industry for over twenty years and I have been working at heights before that.

The forming of a Canadian delegation from across the country representing our industry is long overdue. A delegation of experience and understanding of our industry that can help shape a better industry. A delegation that may point us in the right direction or help develop better products.

One of the things I was looking for was a certified anchor sling for fall protection lanyards. I have searched the internet and there doesn’t seem to be much available.

I have seen rigging slings used, but they are rated to a rigging standard not a fall protection standard.

The rigging slings are usually three feet in length and it is relied upon that people working at heights will minimize the length by wrapping around the support structure, but we all know this doesn’t always happen.

I would like to have a product that is rated for an anchor and be of a length that will not add excessive forces to the body due to a long length for fall distance.

I will keep looking for a product that will meet my needs, but if you have something to suggest I would be greatly interested.


Marc Dunham
[email protected]