Rogers, University of Calgary create Internet of Things partnership

Originally published by The Wire Report

Rogers Communications Inc. has signed a five year agreement with the University of Calgary to further Internet of Things research, the company announced in a Thursday media release.

Steven Liang, an associate professor in the Department of Geomatics Engineering at the university’s Schulich School of Engineering, has been named to lead the newly established Rogers Internet of Things Chair, which intends to drive innovative business services.

In a phone interview, Liang said the newly established program would study and develop coordinated approaches to issues including protecting people from COVID-19 and lowering methane levels.

“Today’s reality in organizations big and small, for example, firefighters, smart cities, big systems, they do not talk to each other, they cannot coordinate with each other, and that’s where we come in,” Liang said.

Coordinating disparate sensing systems is needed to protect workforces and workplaces from COVID-19, Liang said.

“You need a situational awareness that includes all these different systems, whether it’s a cellphone tracking system, or your cleaning crew schedule, or some wearable systems, they’re all siloed,” he said.

“That’s where we come in, provide this bird’s eye view about the risk level of the work forces and work places so we can be safe.”

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