Reported Tower Collapse – Fredericton, NB

Local news outlets reported on April 3 that a broadcast and cellular communications tower in Fredericton NB had collapsed.

At this time, STAC can confirm that a tower collapse occurred. We can also confirm that there were no reported injuries related to this incident, and that the area is now secured to ensure there is no potential for further risk.

According to images shared by local media, it appears as though a section of the tower appeared to have broken off from the rest of the structure, which remained standing following the incident. No tower work was being done on the tower at the time of the incident.

The cause of the collapse has not yet been determined, and investigations remain under way. Local media reported heavy winds at the time of the collapse.

Given similarities between this collapse and another recent tower incident involving a monopole structure, STAC is recommending that all tower crews and certified personnel who are asked or required to perform work or an inspection on a monopole tower should:

1. Perform a visual inspection of all bolted connections and welds to verify that there are no loose or missing bolts or cracked welds.
2. Inspect both inside and outside flange connections, as well as the base plates.

Should any such inspection identify any deficiencies, please evacuate the tower and contact your Project Manager before commencing work. Do not climb the tower until a clearance is issued from your PM through consultation with the tower owner.

STAC will share any additional information about this incident with its members as details are verified.