Reported Fatal Tower Collapse (Hydro Tower) – Come By Chance, NL

CBC reported on June 19 that two workers died following a transmission line tower collapse near Come By Chance, NL.

STAC and members of the STAC Steering Committee were saddened to learn of these accident-related fatalities.

CBC reported that the two men – now identified as Jared Moffat, 34, of Prince Albert, Sask. and Tim McLean, 31, of Nipigon, Ont. – were working on the construction of a transmission line tower when the accident occurred. Reports said the workers had been working on the tower at the time of the collapse.

As of last check, an investigation into this event was ongoing, and no other verified information is yet available. CBC reported on June 21 that crews are investigating the cause of the accident.

While the Canadian tower industry’s proven commitment to safety has helped ensure that incidents such as this one remain few and far between, it is incumbent on STAC and all industry participants to learn from these experiences whenever possible. As such, STAC will share any additional information about this incident as details are verified.

In the meantime, STAC is encouraging its members to consider making donations to GoFundMe accounts that have been launched to help raise funds for the victims’ funerals. Donations to these accounts can be made at the following GoFundMe pages: