One tower installation error adds up to a half million dollar add on

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For 13 years Wireless Estimator has been covering the wireless siting community and is always in search of the man bites dog story rather than a mundane municipal siting protest. Today, we found one in Rowlett, Tex. where a city tower was built on their neighbor’s adjoining property.

But instead of moving the tower, equipment shelter and generator to the city’s property a stone’s throw away, Rowlett decided to buy the land because it might possibly incur a $400,000 penalty for not having the tower constructed to tie into a multi-jurisdictional police communications system in the required timeline.

The city said that it would cost between $450-$500,000 to move the tower, which appeared to be high, according to industry estimating.

The mistake was discovered in early March, a month after Intertek, Motorola’s contractor, began construction, when the landowner who lives four miles away informed Rowlett officials of his concern.

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