New TS Group ( a.k.a. “Miller SureTrack”) Trolleys Awaiting Certification

Hello STAC Members,

STAC has received in recent weeks several requests from Members for information about “Miller SureTrack” or “T-Rail” trolleys, and whether there will be a new variant of the trolleys available that will be certified to the updated CSA Z259.2.4-15 standard.

In conversation this month with TS Group (which holds the rights to this line of products in Canada), STAC was told that an updated version of the trolley has been designed and that prototypes have been developed. Currently, the company said, they are waiting for lab time to get the trolleys certified to the new standard.

TS Group said that the trolleys will be tested to the CSA standard by SEI and that their hope is to have certification by mid-March.

The company also confirmed that they will offer a trade-in program for users who would like to replace older versions of the trolley.

Anyone seeking more information about this subject is asked to please contact Nick Kyonka at [email protected]