New STAC Resource: STAC Dig-to-Block Inspection Checklist

STAC Communications Tower Dig to Block Inspection Checklist Page 03

STAC is thrilled to announce today the release of the newest STAC resource document: the STAC Communications Tower Dig-to-Block Inspection Checklist.

This document provides an overview of primary tasks common to many dig-to-block inspections of communication towers, though it does not purport to be a comprehensive overview of all required activities and/or safety procedures for any given job.

This document includes checklists relating to the following phases of a dig-to-block procedure:
• Before Excavation
• Excavation
• Cleaning
• Anchor Loss Threshold Assessment
• Dimensional Measurement Assessment
• Additional Anode Assessment
• Backfill and Compaction

STAC would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the many project team members who contributed to the development of this document over the past two years. STAC would also like to thank AnchorGuard and Crown Castle, which granted STAC permission to re-copy their own dig-to-block resources in this document’s appendixes.

Click on the following links to download the STAC Dig-to-Block Inspection Checklist in PDF and/or Excel formats:

As always, we welcome any feedback on this document and encourage you to share comments to [email protected]