New Fall Protection Regs Coming Next Spring

Federally regulated industries and job sites will get their first look at Canada’s new fall protection regulations this spring, the government has said.

In an item posted to the Canada Gazette on Oct. 6, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) said it would publish the “final” proposed changes to Part XII of the Canada Occupational Health & Safety Regulations (COHSR) “in the spring of 2019”. The department had previously launched a consultation on proposed changes to the COHSR Part XII – which addresses fall protection requirements – in March 2017.

“The Department of Employment and Social Development (the Department) intends to proceed with amendments to Part XII of the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (the COHSR) to address a number of issues, including outdated references to health and safety standards and requirements, the misalignment of federal requirements under Part XII with those under the other parts of the COHSR, the Canada Labour Code (the Code) and provincial laws, and a lack of clarity in the regulatory text,” the Canada Gazette notice said.

The notice added that the department had received 134 comments from 21 stakeholders during its 30-day consultation in spring 2017. “While most comments were minor, seeking clarification, some require further analysis,” the department said.

The notice also provided a limited “summary of comments” the department received during the consultation, which identified four specific issues that are likely still being studied:

  • The minimum height at which a fall protection system is required;
  • Whether a control zone should be considered a fall protection system and what is the appropriate width of a control zone;
  • The minimum total load capacity of an anchorage connector for a fall-restraint systems; and
  • Accommodation for workers who are religious regarding wearing certain protection equipment.

To read the full notice as posted in the Canada Gazette, please follow the link here:

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