MasTec Adds Brains to Brawn with Engineering Firm Buy [U.S.]

Originally Published by agl Media Group
Author: J. Sharpe Smith

MasTec has acquired QuadGen Wireless, a global firm which focuses on wireless engineering, network integration and optimization using proprietary software tools. Through the acquisition, MasTec added 600 engineers located both domestically and abroad.

“[This acquisition] uniquely positions MasTec as a true end-to-end provider of wireless services. We are now truly a brain and muscle operation,” Jose Mas, CEO, MasTec , said. “In addition to the incremental opportunities available to us in the United States market, we have historically had a very difficult time selling wireless services internationally since the majority of our services rely heavily on labor, which is typically a local product.

QuadGen focuses on four core areas: small Cell/DAS Solutions; RF design, engineering, and optimization; backhaul and core network engineering;
RAN integration/commissioning (EF&I).

“Our expertise on deploying wireless services coupled now with our ability to do extensive front-end work in conjunction with optimization and data maintenance allows us to sell these services across any carrier or geography by our engineering teams in both the United States and abroad,” Mas added.

5G significantly enhances the number of opportunities for MasTec based on the total number of network elements involved. Each of those elements require engineering, as well as significant construction activity.

“Historically, I think MasTec has always been viewed as the muscle behind the networks, we do the physical work that helps these networks perform. With our added resources, it enhances the services we can add around what I’ll refer to as the intellectual services,” Mas said.

MasTec had another strong period in the third quarter and is on track for a record year. Mas said the number and size of opportunities related to 5G continues to increase.

“The expected 5G capex budgets and length of the spending cycle are both unprecedented,” he said. “Over the years we have witnessed significant changes with each evolution of technology from 2G to 3G to 4G LTE and now 5G. In each cycle, MasTec has been out in front of the market developing the capabilities needing for the next deployment cycle opportunity. We have always remained on the cutting edge of capabilities and this much larger and longer cycle is no different.”

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