Launch of Application Period to join STAC Steering Committee

The STAC Steering Committee is pleased to launch today the start of the formal Application Period to fill two new positions on the Steering Committee this fall.

Please click the link here to download a PDF copy of the STAC Steering Committee Application Form.

STAC member companies who are interested in applying are invited to return their completed applications prior to the application deadline at 4:00 p.m. EDT on Friday, August 16.

All applications received will be shared with current Steering Committee members, who are tasked with determining the successful candidates. Brief follow-up interviews may follow with some perspective candidates, as required.

Consideration will be given to each of the following six criteria when determining the successful candidates:

  • Years in the tower industry
  • Years as a STAC member
  • Participation in STAC activities (including committee attendance and project team involvement)
  • Sponsorship of STAC events and activities
  • Desired perspective (ie: does a company or its suggested reps bring a perspective that isn’t currently reflected on the committee)
  • Working style (ie: do you get along with the other kids on the playground).

We are very much looking forward to reviewing your applications and to ultimately welcoming two new companies onto the Steering Committee.

For more information or to submit an application, please contact [email protected]