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Upcoming Webinars

Women of NATE Fireside Chat
January 26 (4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST)

Tower Safety and Tower Rigging Videos and Webinars

STAC Videos and Webinars

Rigging Loads Calculations Software Demo – Pt. I: Setting up the Form
Rigging Loads Calculations Software Demo – Pt. II: Using the Form
STAC Tall Tower Rescue Webinar with Nouvelle Hauteur 
Tall Tower Rescue Videos

NATE Climber Connection Series

Volume 1
PPE Inspection Safety
100% Tie-Off Safety
Capstan Hoist & Rigging Safety
How to Conduct Tower Inspections
Weather Conditions
RF & Antenna Identification
Safety Video on Night Climbing
Anchor Corrosion
Lamps & Lighting

Volume 2
ANSI/ASSE A10.48 Standard
Broadcast Repack
Riding the Line
Drones and Towers
Guy Wire Anchor Inspection
Distributed Antenna Systems 
Remote Tower Access

Volume 3
How to Perform a Tower Rescue
How to Get Certified to Become a Tower Climber
Dropped Object Prevention
How to Perform Tower Modifications
Job Hazard Analysis

Volume 4
Safety Climb Systems
Wireless Rooftop Deployment
What is a Small Cell?
Step-Bolt Testing Results

Volume 5
Suspension Trauma
Bird Nesting on Cell Towers
Helicopters – Watch Amazing Helicopters in Action

Engineering Videos

STAC Webinars

STAC Site-Specific Wind Load Calculations Webinar with International Climatic Evaluation Inc. (I.C.E.)
Pt II – STAC Site-Specific Wind Load Calculations Webinar with International Climatic Evaluation Inc. (I.C.E.)

Telecom/Technology Webinars

Gap Wireless Webinars

5G Report Webinar and Slides
Webinar May 2020: Panel Discussion: Designing Communications Systems for Excellent Wireless Coverage in Challenging Environments
Webinar May 2020: Cable & Antenna Measurement Basics
Webinar May 2020: All About Distance to Fault Measurements
Webinar May 2020: Panel Discussion: Pushing RF Power Measurement Accuracy to the Next Level – Insights into Calorimetry

Alliance Corporation Webinars

Webinar Series May/June 2020: Public Safety Wireless
Webinar May 2020: Introduction to Freewave IIOT Edge Computing

VIAVI Solutions Webinars

VIAVI Solutions Technical Webinar Series
VIAVI Technical Training: Basic Through Advanced Virtual Series 
Virtual Training Series to prepare wireless and fiber technicians for the 5G rollout