Government tables amendments to CLC Pt. III

Newly tabled amendments to labour regulations will provide federally regulated employees a “better work-life balance” while offering employers “increased productivity,” the federal government said.

In a notice posted in Canada Gazette Part II on June 12, the federal government said the amendments create three new forms of paid or partially-paid leave for federal employees, expands bereavement leave, and takes other steps to support “flexibility” in the workplace. These include:

  • extending the ability of employers and individual employees to modify work schedules and substitute general holidays;
  • requiring at least 96 hours’ notice of an employee’s schedule;
  • requiring at least 24 hours’ notice before a shift change;
  • allowing the compensation of overtime through paid time off;
  • providing employees a limited right to refuse overtime; and
  • allowing for the division, interruption and postponement of vacation leave.

“The changes to the Code, which are being brought into force concurrently with the adoption of these regulations, will support employees in achieving better work-life balance and benefit employers through increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, enhanced recruitment and retention, and more flexible and effective workforce utilization,” the Canada Gazette post said. “They will also support women’s participation in the labour market and help foster greater gender equality in Canada’s workforce and contribute to inclusive growth.”

The government said that the new regulations will come into force immediately.

STAC will plan to reach out to Employment and Social Development Canada in the weeks ahead to request additional information about a series of recent amendments to federal workplace regulations. In the meantime, STAC members can view the June 12 Canada Gazette notice at