ENCQOR 5G, Ericsson deploy standalone 5G network

Originally published by The Wire Report

A public-private partnership on 5G technology research in Ontario and Quebec is deploying a  standalone (SA) end-to-end 5G network meaning it will no longer have to rely on 4G technology.

ENCQOR 5G and Ericsson AB, one of its five anchor partners, made the announcement on Wednesday.

The network is capable of serving edge-based applications with one-way latency (the delay between a user’s action and the response to that action from the network, application or service) tolerances of less than five milliseconds.

The network is, according to a press release, considered a “critical breakthrough for the success of future innovations such as autonomous driving, robotics, and public safety.”

General manager of ENCQOR 5G Pierre Boucher said in a press release that the deployment of the network was a major step in helping Canada deliver 5G more rapidly.

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