Electrical utilities ask CRTC to become MVNOs

Originally published by The Wire Report

An organization representing Canada’s electricity providers has filed a Part 1 application with the CRTC asking for changes to wireless regulations it says are necessary for the roll out of smart electrical grids.

The Canadian Electricity Association said the CRTC should allow utilities to become “private” mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) that would only provide service to themselves, and not to consumers. It’s an approach that’s been implemented in the Netherlands and is being considered by other countries, it noted.

The application filed Tuesday said the smart grid will include an increasing number of devices, such as smart metres and devices that detect outages and manage the flow of electricity.

“For Canada’s current electrical grid to evolve into a smart grid, CEUs [Canadian electrical utilities] need to be able to communicate effectively with the millions of smart devices that will be deployed into the smart grid,” it said.

The utilities use wireless communications for a variety of purposes, the application said, such as real-time information sharing and remote monitoring of devices such as smart metres and sensors.

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