Don’t allow white space devices above 608 MHz, ISED hears

Originally published by The Wire Report
Written by: Anja Karadeglija

Innovation Canada (ISED) is hearing from both telecoms and broadcasters that it should go ahead with its proposal to limit white space devices to bands below 608 MHz, though for very different reasons.

The Radio Advisory Board of Canada, whose membership includes BCE Inc., Telus Corp., Rogers Communications Inc., CBC/Radio-Canada, and the Canadian Association of Broadcasters, noted in a submission that mobile service providers “believe that the 617-698 MHz band will be very important for commercial mobile services in Canada going forward and should be protected from potential interference” from white space devices.

They said that limitation should stay “until there is substantial, experiential evidence from the U.S. showing there will be no risk to mobile licensed users in the 600 MHz band.”

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