Developer Looking for Partner on North Vancouver Project

STAC received a request from a non-member who is looking to partner with a STAC member on a new build. As per the STAC Steering Committee’s instructions, this notice is being posted to provide all STAC members with equal opportunity to engage.

Chard Development Ltd. is interested in learning more about the installation of cell towers/antennas on rooftops and looking to partner with a member on a new project that they will be developing in North Vancouver. The building will be a 23-storey purpose-built rental tower – apparently the largest such development in North Vancouver.

Additionally, they would like to know if there is anything that they should be looking at to future proof their projects. Specifically:

  • What is the impact of 5G on buildings in downtown cores, is it advisable to run conduits to certain areas for future antennas?
  • Are there ways to integrate cell towers/antennas into our rooftop structure or future proof for easy installation at a later date?
  • Many cities require rooftop screens to hide these antennas, however the screens have to be constructed of a material that will not impeded signals, which is cost prohibitive most of the time. Any advise from your members on how to resolve this?

If your company is interested in this partnership or can assist in answering any of the specific questions, you can contact the development manager, Hassan Sayed, at [email protected] or at 604-558-7855.