Developer in Southern Ontario Looking to Host Tower on New Build

STAC was contacted by a building developer in Southern Ontario, who is looking to get in contact with a carrier in order to get an antenna installation on his new-build site.

The project is located at the north west corner of Highway 4 (Main Street) and Highway 83 (Thames Rd West) Exeter, Ontario. This location is the main commercial intersection of Exeter and the County Hub for Huron County.

Coordinates of the location are below:
43°21’44.5″N 81°29’05.6″W
43.362369, -81.484874

The developer added that the building will be a 4 story structure and that the roof structure could be supported for a cell tower.


Cell site


If your company is interested in this or can assist in answering any specific questions, please contact John Knifton by phone or email: 416-414-3157 | [email protected] |