CSA Z45001:19 – New OHS Management Standard in Canada Replacing CSA Z1000

The following information has been copied from a pair of CSA communications relating to the CSA Z45001 Application Handbook

In the spring of 2019, the Canadian Adoption of ISO 45001 was published as CSA Z45001:19. This is now the National Standard of Canada on OHS Management (replacing CSA Z1000).

The first edition of CSA Z45001, Occupational health and safety management systems — Requirements with guidance for use, is an adoption, with Canadian deviations, of the identically titled ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Standard 45001 (first edition, 2018-03).

Organizations are accountable for occupational health and safety, and workplace parties are responsible for health and safety within their respective control or authority. This Standard provides a model for establishing, implementing, and maintaining an occupational health and safety management system that encourages a systematic approach to meeting defined occupational health and safety objectives and increases awareness of health and safety in the workplace. This Standard can also assist organizations seeking certification under federal, provincial, and sector-based certification programs (e. g., Certificates of Recognition).

An international committee developed the original ISO 45001 standard. Based on a survey of stakeholders from across Canada, CSA Group concluded that while ISO 45001 is both comprehensive and strong, Canadian organizations would benefit from adoption of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard with deviations that reflect the Canadian context of health and safety.

As a fundamental concept and to identify the inclusiveness of an occupational health and safety management system, CSA Z45001 defines “occupational health and safety” as the promotion of the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of workers and the protection of workers from, and the prevention of, workplace conditions and factors adverse to their health and safety.

To assist organizations with understanding and application of the requirements in CSA Z45001, CSA Group has now released a Z45001 Application Handbook.

Following are a few specific subjects addressed in the Application Handbook:

  • A backgrounder on the history of OHS management standards and recognition programs.
  • An explanation of Canada’s decision to adopt ISO 45001 with minor enhancements.
  • The application of Z45001 for Canadian organizations and those doing business in Canada.
  • Key roles and responsibilities for assurance of health and in the Canadian context.
  • Guidance on integration of OHS management as part of an organization’s business management systems (e.g., explaining the internal responsibility system as applies to OHS obligations).
  • Best practices for engaging workers and worker representatives in the development and establishment of OHS programs and initiatives.
  • Best practices for assuring competency among those in key OHS roles (administrators, trainers, supervisors, auditors, evaluators, investigators, H&S committee members, etc.).
  • Guidance on evaluating what an organization already has in place.
  • Methods for “gap analysis” of what needs to be accomplished for full compliance.
  • Guidance on record keeping and matters of privacy/confidentiality.
  • Advice on continued maintenance of established programs and procedure (e.g., change management, staff turn-over, contract services, legal obligations, and business modifications).
  • Check-lists for internal compliance audits. Questions to ask and guidance on possible answers.

As the Application Handbook is designed to be a companion document to the CSA Z45001 Standard, the two documents are available for you to purchase. The Application Handbook can also be used as a reference text for training of OHS administrators and internal auditors.