CSA publishes draft revisions of hazardous energy control standard, protective eyewear standard

CSA Group has launched a consultation on the revised version of standard Z460, Control of hazardous energy – Lockout and other methods, as well as the revised version of standard Z94.3 – Eye and face protectors.

Click to see a screengrab of all specified changes proposed in CSA Z460 revision

In notices posted to the CSA Group public review page this month, CSA said interested parties had until Sept. 4 to provide comments on the new edition of the control of hazardous energy standard, and until Sept. 1 to provide comments on the revised eye and face protectors standard.

In the draft version of Z460 posted on its public review page, CSA said the changes to the standard include “realigned and expanded annexes” – including sections that relate to individual lockout procedures and lock removal procedures, among others – as well as the addition of an annex on the standard’s application to construction sites.

STAC will work through the STAC RF Awareness Committee to determine if the council should submit comments during this consultation on behalf of the industry. In the meantime, any comments or concerns can be sent to [email protected]

In a separate notice, CSA said that one of the major changes under consideration in the revised edition of Z94.3 is a clause on “automatic darkening welding filter requirements,” which may affect some people in the communication tower industry.

Please note that STAC does not intend to file comments as part of the consultation on the revised version of CSA Z94.3.