Concern of possible communication tower collapse causes CTrain disruption

Originally published by Global News
Author: Heidi Pearson

The Red Line CTrain is running normally again after being at a standstill at Fish Creek Station for several hours on Wednesday.

The commuter trains were stopped after structural concerns arose when a small fire started in a decommissioned communications tower that was being dismantled.

The Calgary Fire Department (CFD) said the fire burned straps holding the top 50-foot section of the tower to a crane, leaving it unsecured and at risk of potentially falling onto the CTrain tracks. The bottom of the tower was still attached at the base.

The CFD was called and a crew was brought in on another crane to secure the portion of the tower.

By 7:40 p.m., Calgary Transit said the trains were once again running normally.

Shuttles were taking commuters between the affected stations, and shuttles were dispatched to retrieve the passengers from affected trains.

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