Cellphone tower set on fire in Saint-Henri

Originally Published by CBC News

Montreal police are investigating after a cellphone tower was set on fire in Saint-Henri early Monday morning.

Firefighters were called to a tower on De Carillon Avenue, near Notre-Dame Street at around 3:45 a.m.

They managed to control the fire but found traces of accelerant at the scene, Montreal police spokesperson Sgt. Jean-Pierre Brabant said.

According to Brabant, the tower is used by multiple telecommunication providers, including Bell and Rogers.

There was considerable damage to the tower but no one was injured.

Earlier this month, Quebec provincial police arrested  two people in connection with a string of cellphone tower fires.

There have been similar acts of vandalism in England and the United States targeting, in particular, 5G cell phone towers.

False narratives around 5G technology and the coronavirus have been shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media.

They vary widely from claims that the coronavirus is a coverup for 5G deployment to those who say new 5G installations have created the virus.

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