Bell plans major investment in Orillia

Originally published by Orillia Today
Author: Frank Matys

Bell Canada will invest tens of millions of dollars to bring an all-fibre broadband network to Orillia.

“We are going to be in the top 10 percentile of communities in Canada for connectivity as a result of this,” said Dan Landry, manager of business retention and expansion.

Approximately 15,000 homes and businesses will benefit from the introduction of an all-fibre broadband network.

Landry said that, until now, a business that required access to a high-speed network had to negotiate with a provider to secure a fibre line, “but it was very cost prohibitive.”

“This is going to be a basic service now,” he said.

Availability of high-speed connectivity is a key consideration for businesses considering investing in a community, he added.

“Aside from the significant benefits to residents, access to high-speed networks is the backbone of business growth and innovation throughout the world, and will pave the way for new economic development opportunities in the city moving forward,” Mayor Steve Clarke said.

Funded by Bell, the network will include more than 260 kilometres of new fibre installation and employ local workers in design/construction.

“We expect the investment to be in the $20 million range or more,” Landry said.

The system is expected to be broadly available by the first quarter of 2019 and will allow for data access speeds of up to one gigabit per second and, ultimately, speeds of 40 gigabits per second and beyond.

“Bell is proud to partner with the city of Orillia to build the next generation communications infrastructure that will provide the best connectivity solutions today, as well as the internet of Things, smart city and 5G applications of tomorrow,” said Bruce Furlong, Bell’s vice-president, Network. “The ongoing support we have received from the city’s planning and permit departments will continue to play a key role in the quick and efficient rollout of the new network.”

Bell is investing more than $4 billion annually in ‘next-generation’ network infrastructure, the company said.

Added Clarke: “We welcome Bell’s investment in Orillia to provide our residents, businesses and visitors with access to truly world-class internet connectivity.”

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